Building Cabinets, Bookcases & Shelves: 29 Step-by-Step Projects to Beautify Your Home

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They are so easy to make. You just need to measure and cut your boards, which you can reclaim from any number of things like fencing, an old barn — you get the idea. Then just assemble them and screw them to the wall. The look is absolutely stunning. If you are going for a rustic, farmhouse look, these kitchen shelves are an absolute must. What makes these great is that they can be installed anywhere that you may need them. They take up very little space and will hold loads of books.

Just stack the books on them and people will honestly think that your books are attached to the wall. If you are looking for fun shelves that do their job and hold your books securely, these are perfect. You need a piece of plywood and a few smaller boards to create the actual shelves. You can attach it to the wall if you want but it looks great just standing there and it will hold loads of bathroom supplies like makeup and jars of things.

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You need a concrete form and some old shutters to build this one. If not, you can pick up old shutters at most flea markets or even yard sales. Just paint or stain the shutters the color that you want and then cut the concrete form to fit the width. Create as many shelves as you want with the form and then just put it all together. Use them to hold books, pictures, or even dishes. Repurposed pallets may possibly be our favorite form of DIY. You literally just have to attach an old pallet to the wall. The shelf is literally built for you already. You just have to attach it to the wall.

You just have to plan out how you want the shelf to look and then assemble your crates, connecting them with plumbing pipes and flanges. This is such a great idea and one that looks good in any room. An old wooden ladder and a few boards leftover from a previous project give you everything you need to create a beautiful shelf for plants, books, or anything else. You will love how easy this one is to make. You literally just have to set up the ladder and add the boards across the rungs for holding things. You can paint or stain everything beforehand if you want or leave them natural for a great rustic look.

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This beautiful modular shelving unit is made from wine boxes. You can also do this with other types of wooden crates and get the same look. Just choose the design that you want and start stacking those crates. You may also want to screw them into the wall for added security. You may not believe that an old pair of wooden crutches could be used to create a beautiful shelf, but they can.

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You just have to have a pair of crutches and some boards to create the shelves. You hinge the crutches together to create a sort of ladder look that is perfect for plants or anything else you want to put on it.

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This would be great on the porch or deck for holding potted plants. So honeycomb shelves are very popular and really easy to build. You can build them from wood reclaimed from other furniture which also makes them very cheap. You simply have to cut your old boards into the right sizes and use wood glue to hold them together into a great honeycomb shape. The more colorful the wood, the better. If you have the tools to do it, you can use an old log to create several shelves and these are absolutely gorgeous.

You just cut the log lengthwise at whatever thickness you think you need. You can get at least two and possibly three to four different shelving pieces from each log, depending on how thick it is. You just mark off where you want to paint with masking tape or Duct tape and then paint away. You can add stripes or whatever design you want to help make your new shelves really stand out. If you already have shelves but you want to change up the design just a bit, you can do this for just a few dollars and have it finished in about an hour or so.

So these are really shelves in the traditional sense of the word, but they do give you great storage. If you have an old door, you can use it to create a great shelf that will be perfect for living rooms, dining rooms, or anywhere else you want to put it. The door acts as the base for the shelf and you can place boards wherever you want the individual shelves to go.

Paint or stain it whatever color you want and then display it proudly. This is a really cheap and really easy shelving unit that is perfect for cookbooks or knickknacks.

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An old dresser is the perfect starting point for a new shelving unit. Actually, you only need the drawers from the old dresser. You can use the base for another project. Just paint or stain those old drawers and you can attach them directly to the wall for holding any number of things. Imagine the things that you can keep in a drawer. You can build a kitchen cart so easily and it will barely cost you anything. You do need a few supplies like boards and some metal slotted angles, plus casters if you want your shelving cart to roll. This really is an easy project and will give you loads of room to store kitchen essentials.

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  • Or, you could use it in the family room for storing games or create a little bookshelf with it. The possibilities are endless. Just choose the height that you want and the color. You can paint the metal angles and boards the same color or make them contrast to really make your new shelf stand out. Window box shelves are so pretty and unique and they are easier to build than most other shelving varieties. You can actually create lovely window box type shelves out of old dresser drawers.

    You just clean and sand them, paint them if you want, and then remove the bottom so that you get a great box look.

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    If you have and old dresser with broken drawers, this is the perfect way to upcycle those old drawers instead of just throwing them out. You will need a sheet of plywood, some wooden dowels, and a few other supplies and tools. The gist of the project is to create your own wooden pegboard and then add the dowels wherever you want the shelves to go.

    Sand and paint or stain your pegboard and dowels before you begin if you want them a color other than natural and you do need to have a bit of precision when cutting out the holes for the dowels.

    Building Cabinets, Bookcases &; Shelves

    These adorable shelves are made with plastic paint buckets. The next time you empty a paint bucket and you wonder what to do with it, keep this little project in mind. You will need to cut the top off your paint buckets and remove the leftover paint from inside. You can do several of these on a wall or just hang one here and there, wherever you need them. It perfectly holds those wine bottles and displays them in a beautiful way.

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    Use it in the bathroom to hold your hair supplies or shampoos. I absolutely love that timber shelf with the natural branches supporting it. What a creative way to introduce some natural themes to your home! I live right next to the mountains, so adding decor and furniture that compliments the scenery has a big appeal to me. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email.

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