How to make Star Earrings: Wire wrapping crafts

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This pendant is so simple, so versatile and a great way to start wire wrapping! I used to make dozens of these in all sorts of colors and shapes.

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You can customize it any way you want by using different beads and being creative with the wrapping. Wire is measured in gauge. The higher the gauge, the thinner the wire will be. Thinner wire is easier to work with but does not hold its shape as well. Starting about an inch from the end of the 24 gauge wire, loop over the end. Use the round nose plier to help you get a round loop.

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Wrap the tail in place using the chain nose plier, keeping it as close as possible to the round nose plier. Trim the wire.

Wrap the end of the 20 gauge wire around the base of the loop two times. Now you have free license to wrap the wire around the ring however you like.

Materials and tools you’ll need in making the handmade wire wrapped earrings:

To keep it in place, wrap the wire in the spaces between the beads. Remember that wire will hold its shape so if you make a mistake you may get a kink. This is your top layer of wrap there, so you want it to be as neat as possible. Once you covered your original wrap there, you can trim the wire.

Alternatively, you can wrap till the wire is finished, even overlapping the top of the ring, for an interesting bauble-like effect. Your pendant is ready to wear! Show it off, or give it as a gift — or make one for yourself and one to give! Wire Wrapped Earrings.

Wire-Wrapped Sea Glass Beads - 10mm

Wire Wrapped Headband. Wire Wrapped Bracelet. Wire Wrapped Band Bracelets. Things to make with beads and wire. Love crafting outside the box? Faceted beads for the eyes, tiny gears and brass or copper wire wrapped to make the body I have a crap ton of bubble wrap around the house right now and two small boys who would love to help me pop every single bubble.

I might have to try this out!

Bead Crafts —

Someone with stretched earlobes could wear the earring through silicone earskins. Just a thought, since I actually kind of like the matte silver of the painted hooks. I can't decide which is more pretty: the actual earrings or the gorgeous way you staged the photo. Glad you liked my ieda. I've been making necklaces lately so I've been thinking a lot about design. Just made a couple with carnelian stones beautiful shades of orange and matching earings with fire opal swarovski beads. The site where I get my beads has a wonderful jumpring ring that has notches that help open and close them a lot easier.

Oh my goodness! Between this and the 6 shrinking plastic I finally got some with bakery cookies a couple days ago! Thank you!!! I'll send you a picture when I finish I love your snowflake earrings! They would be pretty on a Christmas tree too. I agree with everyone else who said dragonfly, butterfly, or fairy wings, and I LOVE the idea of a steampunk dragonfly. I bet this would also work with Angelina fibers.

Wire Wrapping Small Beads (Small Metals)

Soooooo pretty! I'd vote for insect wings, mobile, bookmark or keyring. Also, have you ever considered getting your ears pierced? I'm with steampunk dragonfly something. Or something planetary or astronomical. I agree with all the comments about popping bubbles and insect wings. As for what the stuff looks like, from the pictures it reminds me of capiz shell, although not as smooth maybe. You could cut out circles and make a chandelier, if it fit at all with your decor.

Or a funky flapper costume. And that iredescent plastic looks aaamaaaziiing. You should definitely use it to make a portal into another dimension.

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Christmas decorations? Party hat? Amazing gift cards? I could see that irridescent plastic as a steampunk flower, edged with some nice copper wire with a copper nut to act as the base. A few of those on a hat band or a fascinator would be cool. I think they meant it looks like capiz shell, not mother-of-pearl. It really does kind of look like capiz shell. I love the iridescent one. Whatever you make will be gorgeous.

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IF you paint over the silver paint with clear nailpolish they will be safe to wear. I am very sensitive to non-fine metals in my ears but am also a college student without money for good metals. This trick helps me with my earrings. It also keeps cheap metals from turning your skin green. I have to jump on the fairy wing bandwagon! Or maybe there's a way to use it as a decoration on the next ray gun?

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  4. I would love feather earrings! You could tweak it and come up with a fantasy-looking peacock feather earring. It's such a rare thing these days. I knew there was a reason I loved you. In a non-weird, I only stalk you on the Internet kinda way Use your rainbow colours fused onto gears and line them up different sizes onto a tiara.

    Add copper curls and ta-da! If anyone can do it, Jen I think it would make an amazing seahorse of some kind.

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    The sparkliness makes me think of undersea creatures for some reason. I see scales - for dragon or fish wall art doubling as lightsource, or a chandelier. Or even light-weight armor for a costume. I think you could make a noiseless wind chime decoration for outside and attach different shapes to a small branch with clear fishing line.

    The iridescent technique would work well with this.