Out of the Cradle

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An extraordinary journey tracing the footsteps of early hominids.

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Using the latest paleoanthropological findings mixed with the latest CGI from Square Enix, this story is finally told. An extraordinary journey tracing the footsteps of early Homo sapiens leaving Africa, reaching the easternmost end of the Eurasian continent, and developing unique culture there.

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  7. The latest paleoanthropological findings and CGI created by top game creators should stun the viewers. What is involved in creating a groundbreaking film that documents the latest paleoanthropological findings?

    Out of the Cradle

    This film will shed light on the talent, research, and scientific discoveries that made Out of the Cradle possible. The origins of humanity.

    This poem was written in and incorporated into the edition of Leaves of Grass. A young boy watches a pair of birds nesting on the beach near his home, and marvels at their relationship to one another.

    One day the female bird fails to return. The male stays near the nest, calling for his lost mate. This is another poem that links Whitman to the Romantics.

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    Like Wordsworth, Whitman claims to take his inspiration from nature. Where Wordsworth is inspired by a wordless feeling of awe, though, Whitman finds an opportunity to anthropomorphize, and nature gives him very specific answers to his questions about overarching concepts.

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    Nature is a tabula rasa onto which the poet can project himself. He conquers it, inscribes it. While it may become a part of him that is always present, the fact that it does so seems to be by his permission.

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