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Irish Continental Group has entered into a bareboat hire purchase agreement for the sale of its built Oscar Wilde to … Read More. She was in Campbeltown to load wind turbines for … Read More.

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With the training of seafarers being so important to safety at sea, and in particular navigation equipment and bridge procedures, … Read More. I feel there are probably many readers, like me, who feel a shiver down their spine when they think of … Read More.

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Olsen Cruise Lines were proud to have played its part in hosting D-Day veterans. If you have ever wondered what qualities a Captain of a cruise vessel might need to have listed on his … Read More. The ash cloud crisis continues to cause uncertainty as we see sporadic closures of airspace and cancelled flights, and this … Read More. Ships, Ports and Places.

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And because I was there, I was able to interview a veteran of the Wehrmacht, who had served on the island and had fallen in love with a local woman — and then returned after the war. My third book was about the independent Georgian republic of I had accumulated boxes of documents, corresponded extensively with experts, and even visited the country. I could have continued researching that one on and off for another few decades, but decided a couple of years back that there comes a time when you stop researching and start writing.

I managed to get the book published in time for the th anniversary of the Russian Revolution, and it got excellent reviews, including from The New York Times.

Cutty Sark

Am I uniquely qualified to write it? Yes, I think so. Are there any other books on the subject?

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No at least not in English. Can the book be tied into any upcoming anniversaries?

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So as long as you are wrapped up, and have a torch to hand, you can walk through the country lanes and out into the open fields, turn your gaze skywards and watch for meteor showers and the brilliance of other winter constellations. Or join an evening outing with members of the Sark Astronomy Society , formed as a result of the award, who are more than willing to impart their knowledge to fellow star gazers.

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Sark is an Island for all seasons, a place where you feel as if you have stepped back in time and can move at a far less hurried pace. For more information on the Isle of Sark visit: www.

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    Sark — an island for all seasons. In April we published her journey to Guernsey, this month we continue onto one of the smaller islands, SARK The island of Sark lies just six miles east of Guernsey and 20 miles from the coast of France. Allow Disable.