Spiders: A Cautionary Halloween Tale

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I should mention that I killed the bathroom centipede.

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I killed it a lot. This makes for some very productive days when kids visit.

The Lamprey Spider - A Story from Hallowroots - Creepypasta

I found a spot on the workbench to set my coffee down while I started to move some things around so I could get to the shelves filled with my Halloween decorations. I put my hand up towards the top Rubbermaid bin, my fingers barely long enough to just grasp the edge of it.

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Standing high up on my toes, I was finally able to grip the top of the bin to pull it towards me. With a crunching sound my ring finger came down on something crispy. I on the other hand, had no idea. Placing the bin down on the floor I could see a little scribble of something on the lid of the bin. The truth is we had eaten spiders for lunch — sort of. But they were made from bread and butter and cheese — with eight spidery red-pepper legs, and cherry tomato eyes — rather than actual arachnids. Considering this is a toddler who shrieks at the mere mention of an eight-legged creature, the spider sandwiches went down surprisingly well.

The story itself — Little Monster — is all about a baby who, it turns out, can talk.

Creepy Picture Books for the Kid Who Loves Halloween Year-Round

But this fang-toothed baby has other things in mind, and her tastes lean more towards furniture and cobwebs than anything found in a kitchen cupboard. As the kids conjure up more odd-looking recipes, the Spanish words for common foods like cheese and sweets are woven into the sentences, as well as the words for numbers and colours. While my five-year-old enjoyed getting stuck in to the story, it was the activities that won it for my youngest.

This month we made our spider sandwiches, had a go at playing I Spy using some of the new words, drew some foodie faces and played a Monster Memory game. In fact, the little monster in question reminded me very much of my own fussy eater, who has — at least — added one new dish to her repertoire. Try these gently spiced, warming winter biscuits, which also There is no reference to Halloween at all, but the characters are very well suited for a Halloween read aloud.

In the book, the spider continually persuades the fly to stay over with different persuasive methods. I use this printable to have the students write a possible theme for the text and their evidence. The complex vocabulary used by the author makes this also great for reviewing and practicing using context clues to definite unknown words. After you read the book aloud, place the book and the printable shown below in a reading center.

Why I’m Grateful for The Spider and the Fly – Carie Juettner

Have the students use the book to practice defining unknown words using context clues. I like to do Halloween stations or centers in my classroom on the day of or before Halloween. Hallowilloween is perfect for a Halloween literacy station. The book is a collection of silly poems with a Halloween theme. Poetry collections like this one are perfect for incorporating student choice. I have my students choose the poems they want to read and respond to. I created a choice board to provide choices and allow them to respond to their chosen poems in a variety of ways.

You can assign a specific number of poems or require the students to read all of the poems, but only respond to the ones they choose using the choice board. If you are interested in learning more about choice boards and how I use them in the classroom, click HERE to read a very detailed post with lots of freebies!

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However, the book does mention a witch and that the broom came from the devil, so keep that in mind when choosing books appropriate for your students. The book tells the story of a widow who accepts the broom and her neighbors who despise the broom. This is a powerful book for teaching about judging others without getting to know them and bullying versus acceptance. To read a detailed post about how I use this book and grab lots of free printables, click HERE to see that post.

To download the freebies for The Spider and the Fly and Hallowilloween , click on the image below. Do you have any favorite Halloween Read Alouds?

I am always looking for new ones to add to my collection!