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So, now I live in Colorado with my husband, two teen sons who are both taller and stronger—and far more handsome—than I and four indoor cats, plus a variety of Not-Our-Cats TM who beg food at the kitchen door and for whom we provide facilities summer and winter. But who are not Sign In Register. Better Off Undead by Sarah A. Other Books by Sarah A. Any Man So Daring. All Night Awake. Glitter might fall out of the envelope as the editor pulled out the perfumed pages.

Is it any wonder most publishers and agents have gone to electronic submissions? Yes, it is environmentally better to go the electronic route. Look, guidelines are there for a reason.

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They are to make it as easy as possible for the agent or editor to read the story. You want them to focus on content, not on format. Their first impression is not going to be a good one. They change it after they finish and are ready to submit. But, like those commenters, I make sure I have the piece formatted in the way requested by the publisher before sending it off.

Yep, you guessed it, my head sort of exploded then. We are interested solely in determining if the submission is something we want to represent or publish. Nothing more and nothing less. Will it be worth the potential headaches? So, do yourself a favor. Read the guidelines.

Do your best to follow them. That includes making sure you include the appropriate information in the subject line of your email and the information you include in the body of the email.

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Filed under announcement , Musings. So, here we are, closing in on two months since the earthquake and tsunamis caused so much damage and chaos in Japan. The reality is, no matter how horrific the quakes, tsunami, and aftershocks were, the Japanese knew they were coming. Japan is a first world nation and proud inhabitant of one of the most active seismic and volcanic zones on the planet. They have had cities wiped out before because of these things and they know they will again.

You see, disasters — man-made, natural, or alien-induced — are one of the more fundamental backdrops used by manga and anime creators in their world building. I want to share an overview of three currently running manga, each of which has an eerie tie-in in form if not fact to the recent Japanese calamity.

All of these manga are not yet available via US distributors. They can, however, be accessed at mangareader. So, the basic set-up is that fate has brought these two together again after some rather scarring incidents happened during their high school years. Time slips by, Jin finishes his interview, but on the way out of Odaiba, he runs across Okano being bullied by other groupies of the rock group she follows.

He chases off the abusers and then finally gets a chance to glimpse into the weird world that Okano has fallen into after the trauma she endured in high school. One thing leads to another and Okano ends up stalking off in a huff. He catches up to her in the middle of a bridge, lost in praying to her made up rock-n-roll gods. This is where the story really begins. However, what Kanojo 51 is really about is showing a plausible extrapolation of what could happen to Tokyo and the people living there if the city were out and out smacked by the god-hammer.

The author has obviously done his research.

Liquifaction, structural distortion, fires, disruptions of key services, all the factors that go into what makes a disaster like an earthquake in a major city so horrible are all there. Then he goes after the societal break down. Once people start to realize that the strictures of society are gone, the abuses start.

Theft, murder, and especially rape start to run rampant. I think, frankly, that the author focuses too much on rape. In fact, my impression is that the author honestly has little to no belief in the ability of human beings to attempt to do much good for each other and it comes out in the story. The Meteor, by Hayashi Fumino, is another cataclysmic disaster manga, this time set in an undesignated city in the mountains of Japan.

This story is different from Kanojo 51 in that the cast of characters is better defined at the beginning. She does her best to ignore the rumors and jibes directed at her, but just as her temper grows short and she turns to snap at her tormentors, something massive falls out of the sky and smashes their city. The structure of The Meteor is one of a mixture of personal back stories mixed with current events in the plot line.

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Each character has a tale to tale preceding the event and their stories move forward within the framework of the disaster that the whole group must overcome. The Meteor also features extrapolations of the difficulties inherent in surviving a massive disaster, this time a sizable meteor impact with an added pandemic of unknown origin. The technical details that populate Kanojo 51 are more or less absent from The Meteor, but both works share a view that humanity will immediately balkanize and begin turning feral once the cuffs of civilization are off.

Instead, we heard about the problems with the one reactor that caused a great deal of panic and consternation, but we also heard tertiary stories of how people were attempting to work together to deal with the various hardships and emergencies. Perhaps this is more indicative of the nature of the rural areas that the tsunami hit. If Tokyo had actually been significantly traumatized, maybe there would have been a massive amount of civil disorder and violence. Coppelion is the story of a group of school girls, Narusae, Aoi, and Taeko as they go on an outing to Tokyo.

Yes, Tokyo again.

This is because 25 years ago, Tokyo was contaminated by a major nuclear disaster and has been flooded with lethal levels of radiation ever since. The girls in actuality are genetically engineered clones created with a specific body chemistry that allows them to survive in high-radiation environments. The survivors live in regions of lesser radiation but still have to wear survival suits. In fact, the idea of people helping others to the best of their ability is core to Coppelion.

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The girls are there to help and what they find are people who are also working together to get by in increasingly difficult times. Whereas the first two manga I mentioned expect the worse of people, Coppelion offers up the best so long as your Japanese, that is.

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A negative foreign influence is hinted at recently in none too subtle a tone. And I think that a hopeful element is important. Yes, people can be shallow and selfish and cruel. They can also be noble and selfless and caring. Authors present what they expect people to be, whether they intend to or not. Either that or most authors think that stories of people doing their best in difficult times are boring.

My personal tastes, though, are to root for people facing great difficulties together and overcoming. That having been said, all three eerily parallel what has transpired in Japan this year in terms of potential disasters become reality. Filed under Guest blog. You can check out the review here. Now to the latest news from the industry front. We may as well start with Borders.

Instead of approving the bonuses Borders wanted to pay its executives, bankruptcy court judge Martin Glenn said the Borders lawyers needed to negotiate with the U.

Trustee to figure out something different from what had been proposed. I applaud the judge for remembering the workers in the trenches at Borders, those who have given so much, often for a number of years, with little consideration from upper management of late. The U. Trustee also deserves a pat on the back for realizing that these bonuses are premature at best, especially considering the fact that Borders has yet to show to the court — or its employees — how it will reorganize or pay its creditors.

According to CoStar , Borders has begun filing papers with the bankruptcy court to amend or cancel a number of its leases. In the last three weeks, it has filed papers seeking approval to cancel another 12 leases. There was an overall decrease in sales to the tune of Here is how it breaks down, according to Shelf Awareness. Note the huge increase in e-book sales. Straight up warnings for the squeamish: Black Lagoon is definitely adults only fare.

The content includes graphic violence, nudity, prostitution, rape, gangland crime, along with an absolute and complete disregard for human life and human decency. This is primarily because Black Lagoon is a noir story about criminals being, well, criminal. Thus the beginnings of my internal conflict come into focus. I am, at heart, a person given very much to trying to take the high road and lead an upright life. Pretty much every character in Black Lagoon is my figurative nemesis. Okay, allow me to perform my quick, trademark overview. The story of Black Lagoon centers on the semi-piratical crew of the Black Lagoon , a World War II PT-boat whose primary utilization is for various kinds of smuggling based out of the fictional outlaw city of Roanapur, Thailand.

The captain of this ship is a hugely muscled black man named Dutch who claims to be an American veteran of the Vietnam War. As an aside, authors like Rei Hiroe need to let go of Vietnam for characters. Give it up and let the archetype go.