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I thought Salisbury steak was nothing more than a bad memory. Now, it's back. The actual food is not what bothers me. There's a place -- a small place -- for insipid old favorites, just as there is for beach novels and syrupy pop songs. But the all-out effort to raise the status of comfort food is a sentimental fraud, swaddled in a thick layer of pretense and nostalgia, a very bad combination. Worst of all is the name itself, a damp, sticky, therapy-derived, feel-good term that should be resisted, like elevator music and television evangelists and holidays created by greeting-card companies.

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It contains, within its squishy-soft soul, a multitude of disturbing assumptions about Americans and what they really want to eat. The reference was to grits. Cultural analysts had a field day. Stock market warriors, now weak and defenseless, were desperate for soothing foods, they argued. The reasoning was seductive. It's now received wisdom that complex, turbulent times demand simple ''taste experiences. That's why you can find milk and cookies on the menu at Moomba, along with pretend Popsicles at Sea Grill and lollipops at Alain Ducasse.

It's no accident that the rise of comfort food coincides with the demographics of the baby boom. Just as the children of postwar America were starting to have their own children, they became seized with an intense nostalgia for the cultural signs and symbols that surrounded them in the 's.

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Who can blame them? The 's were an era of peace, stability and low inflation. But it was also a time of bad food. In fact, it was the worst time for food in American history. Whatever fragile culinary roots America had put down had been torn out by the industrialization of food production and packaging. Fine dining had been destroyed by Prohibition and put on hold by the Depression and war. The counter-reaction, symbolized by Alice Waters's innovations at Chez Panisse, lay a generation away.

Dazzled by the Eisenhower-era American kitchen on display in Moscow in , Nikita Khrushchev missed a golden opportunity to turn the tables on Richard Nixon in their famous kitchen debate.

Yes, America had the hardware. But what was coming out of those Amana Radar Ranges? What came out is what we are now asked to cherish as comfort food. It should not be confused with good, simple food that is carefully prepared. In France, this would be called la cuisine grandmere. It is the heart and soul of nearly all Italian cuisine. Comfort food is not that. Nor is it the inventory of classic American dishes, regional or otherwise -- old favorites that reappear in everyone's dreams, like North Carolina barbecue, Maryland crab cakes or banana cream pie. The stars of the comfort food parade tend to be profoundly regressive, the dishes that recall the tastes and textures of infancy.

What do macaroni and cheese, rice pudding, and mashed potatoes have in common? And the soft texture that toothless mouths can handle. They're baby food. Taken by itself, comfort food is harmless enough.

What to Eat When You Get Dentures

But cheering it on encourages cultural backsliding. Foods with small but stubborn pieces. Any food with pieces your natural teeth cannot grind or chew easily present problems for dentures. Popcorn kernels, sesame seeds on rolls, and shelled nuts or seeds can get stuck in and around dentures. Hard foods. Hard foods require your jaw and your dentures to apply uneven pressure. This can damage or dislodge dentures.

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Stay away from nuts, popcorn, apples, carrot sticks, and corn on the cob, except as an occasional treat. Tough meats. Foods that require many bites to tenderize them place unnecessary stress on dentures and gums.

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Too much chewing and grinding creates sore spots where dentures and gums meet. Food to Enjoy with Dentures If you find yourself missing any of the foods listed above, take heart! In many cases, the longer you cook meat, the more tender it becomes.

Many slow-cooking methods also add intense and deep flavors to meat. Try beef brisket, pulled pork, or pot roast.

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Ground meats. Ground meats are easy to eat with dentures because grinding them removes much of their toughness. Ground meats work in many recipes too-from casseroles to tacos to meat pies. Non — nut protein spreads. If you love peanut butter for its mixture of sweet and salty or its high protein concentration, replace it with hummus.

Made from chickpeas, this dip and spread has a mild flavor that pairs well with many spices. Candy-lovers with dentures can still satisfy their sweet tooth with chocolate.

Ripe fruits. Whether you prefer oranges, tomatoes, peaches, bananas, or mangos, you can enjoy most fruits with dentures. Cooked vegetables. Vegetables tend to be crunchy in their raw state, but boiling, steaming, or microwaving veggies gives them a softer texture. The wide variety of vegetables means you never have to be bored with this healthy food group. Close Font Resize. Keyboard navigation. Readable Font.