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Tickle your brain cells with some fun pictogram puzzles, commonly known as Rebus puzzles.

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Pattern Block Puzzles. Shape up those problem solving skills with a fun block puzzle activity, comparable to tangram puzzles!

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Fun Fun Math Puzzles. Fun Fun puzzles are almost like Ken Ken! These ones are tricky, but very fun to solve. Give your student a fun way to practice simple arithmetic. Rebus Puzzles.

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Arm your kid with this big package of challenging rebus puzzles! Rhyming Puzzles. Help your kindergartener build her spelling and phonics skills with rhyming puzzles! She'll get to match up the sight word puzzle pieces that rhyme. Math Puzzles.

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  8. These math puzzles are tricky, but are a fun and simpler spin-off of the popular Ken Ken puzzle. Printable Rebus Puzzles. Give your brain some exercise with these Rebus puzzles, perfect for honing logic and reasoning skills. Amazing Math Puzzles. Kids who enjoy Ken Ken and Sudoku puzzles will like this amazing math puzzle.

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    Largest display of toothpick sculptures

    Then Dremel the ends so it slightly sticks over the edge and glue together. Hot glue works well but wood glue would be fine. Get a few skewers and make about 3 the width of the roof, and set the other 4 aside.

    Hot glue or wood glue like shown above in the first picture. Then with the other 4 line up with the symmetrical sides of triangle and Dremel to that length. Glue them in the ensures to cover the glue from the roof. For the trunk, grab a handful of toothpicks and rubber band them together. Glue them in a not neat way for texture. Then paint brown. For the top, glue toothpicks randomly to form a not neat sphere shape. Then paint green and attach to base.

    Set house on base for sizing and glue trees to base. Then cover the clue with brown paint for nice finish. Use the wire lights and glue throughout the inside of the house. Make sure the control box leads outside the back of the box so you can still change the batteries:. Glue house to base and you're done with a beautiful toothpick house that lights up and has a working door!

    Nice work. It looks like you have a nice display piece there. I especially like the final illuminated version.